Little Rainbows (Sutton)

Little Rainbows provide a new pre-school and after-school service at

The Old Convent, Greenfield Road, Sutton. 

*Please note that Little Rainbows (Sutton) is completely independent of Santa Sabina Dominican College and all inquiries should be directed to us only and not the General Reception of the secondary school.
Santa Sabina

We provide the following services at Little Rainbows (Sutton):

  • Montessori;
  • Hours: Monday to Friday, 7.45am to 6pm;
  • ECCE Scheme (free pre-school places);
  • Childcare Subsidies (CSSU & CSSP);
  • School Collections, including Burrow NS and St. Fintan's NS;
  • A dedicated After School Service, including Homework Club, Library & Outdoor Activities;
  • More Affordable Childcare Scheme;
  • Large Natural Outdoor Play Area.
Natural Play Area

A risk rich environment is one that enables children to assess and take risks in their play. Children are driven by nature to seek challenges; it is how they learn. Taking risks are an essential element in play, learning, exploring, experiencing and growing. If there are no challenges in an environment children will create their own acts of daring or experimentation that can result in harm.

This is important for children as it allows them make choices, test their limits, meet challenges, explore boundaries and learn about and from risk. Both Aistear and Siolta promote children’s learning through active, hands-on experience and appropriate levels of challenge.

The basics should allow children (individually and in groups) opportunities to be actively involved in a whole range of physical movements, balancing, swinging, rocking, jumping, bouncing, sliding, cycling, stretching, carrying, digging, climbing, crawling, hopping and skipping.

 Sand PitX&O's TableSwing BridgeBalance TrunkGiant's CauswayClimbing Tree RootForest ShelterNatural Play AreaMaze


Little Rainbows